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In 1847 Windermere Lake District was open. It is located about midpoint on the east side of Lake Windermere. Windermere is located a little piece away from Windermere Lake itself and has become one of the most popular attractions to see while visiting The Lake District. The Windermere is named after the lake because it was a more attractive name when the railway station was going through. It helped everyone to identify with the location. In fact, the railway station is the reason why Windermere became so popular quickly. Windermere started to build up around the railway station.
Today you can sit at the Windermere Lake and feed the ducks as you watch the boats drift by slowly. Boats are available for hire incase you want to get away from Windermere. But no matter how far away you get you will always want to come back. Visitors can take their vehicles across by ferry to Sawrey and Hawkshead. You can find tennis courts and other popular things to do while you are visiting.
Windermere is well known for its crafts found in the Windermere Steamboat Museum. Here you can see the historical events and attractions that have made Windermere what it is today. The Museum is a main attraction in itself with the location on a steam boat.
While visiting Windermere you can enjoy a different taste in culture and a wide variety of places to eat. Enjoy pizza, Chinese, Indian, seafood, and more just from staying in the Windermere. The locals in Windermere can help guide you to the best places to eat. Sometimes it’s best to let the crowd tell you where to eat at because you get a variety of foods to experience during the day.
Of course you don’t want to let this trip pass you by without first taking a walk on a footpath that will lead you to the most beautiful view of the Lake. Be sure to bring your camera as you take a pleasant walk from the bottom of the mountain where the railroad station is located to the top of the mountain where you can discover the beauty of Windermere.
Windermere is also located in close distance to the National Park Visitor Centre, Brockhole. This is a great place to see while staying in Windermere. You can learn about the history, understand the natural habitat there, and take in the beauty of the lakes. During the summer months you can enjoy a variety of regular programs that will be of interest to the public and those who are traveling to the area.
Once you are there at Windermere there is many different things that you can see and do that will bring you back time after time. Enjoy life as simple as it can get where people represent the history, culture, and life of Windermere, past, present and future.  Go online today and plan your trip to Windermere so you can enjoy everything it has to offer when you arrive.