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Wasdale is a valley located at the western part of the Lake District National Park. Much of the area of Wasdale is occupied by the deepest lake of England, the Wastwater. What dominate the head of the valley are the peaks of Great Gable and Scafell Pike.
The Attractions of Wasdale
One of the main attractions of Wasdale is St. Olaf’s Church. It is one of the smallest churches in England.  It is said to be built before 1550. It was, however, renovated in 1892. Its roof beams are said to have come from Viking ships. The window by its south side has a stained glass shaped as the Napes Needle.
Rock climbers love Wasdale. In fact, this part of Cumbria serves as the home of the British rock climbing. They mostly take the Napes Needle on Great Gable.
Surrounding the church are the graves of the climbers who have died in the fells around the area of Wasdale.  
Wasdale is quite surrounded by mountains and valleys. So visitors have the luxury of experiencing nature whichever side you turn. This makes Wasdale an ideal place to visit when you want to forget about your worries. Breathing fresh air would surely keep you relaxed right away. The natural greens are certainly a refreshing change compared to the fast stressful life in the city.
What’s even better is that accommodations are an attraction in their own special way in Wasdale.  Hotels are generally located in midst of great green grounds while cottages are scattered all over the plains in Wasdale Cumbria.