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Warwick-on-Eden is situated about 4 miles east from Carlisle. As with all the surrounding towns in Cumbria, Warwick-on-Eden is also surrounded by nature. Going to Warwick-on-Eden really gives guests an opportunity to enjoy nature to the fullest. Situated near river Eden and surrounded by the beautiful peaks and valleys, Warwick-on-Eden is surely a relaxing place to be in.
Warwick-on-Eden History
Warwick-on-Eden was first called by the Saxons as Warrick-wick. On the other hand, the Normans named it Warthwick. One of the most popular sites of Warwick-on-Eden is the church of St. Leonard. It is said to be one of the best Norman stone churches and it’s located in this area of Cumbria. This church dates back to 1870 so history naturally goes with the structure.
Where to Stay while in Warwick-on-Eden
Accommodation is not a problem while in Warwick-on-Eden. In fact, several hotels are in this area of Cumbria. All of which offer great picturesque view of the natural beauty of Warwick-on-Eden and the whole of Cumbria. Several cottages are scattered in between and among the farmlands in the area. There are numerous flats for rent as well. No matter which option you choose you can be assured of a great peaceful stay. You don’t need to stay in a hotel to enjoy the best of Warwick-on-Eden.    
Activities in Warwick-on-Eden
If you prefer to have a guide during exploration, there are guided tours and sightseeing trips around Warwick-on-Eden. Golf clubs are also available in nearby places so you can try the courses there too. Skiing and snowboarding are also possible during the cold season as well. Again, you will be able to enjoy nature while doing other enjoyable things.