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Located in the Lake District of the United Kingdom in Cumbria County is Ullswater.  Ullswater is also the name of the lake and it’s the second largest in the Lake District.  A lot of people who visit the Lake District think that Ullswater is the most fascinating and beautiful of all the lakes. 
Ullswater is thought to possibly gets its name from Ulf, the Nordic chief who ruled the area.  But it’s not really sure if this is the correct origin, since there was also the Saxon Lord Ulphu.  To the south of Ullswater is Glenridding which is a popular place for people who love to walk the mountains. 
For things to see and do in Ullswater you’ll want to check out the steamers, you can actually take a ride around the lake if you want too.  In the 1850’s these steamers were used to take the mail.  For people who like to sail Ullswater is a popular location to visit, with marinas all around the lake.  If you visit Ullswater on a weekend you will see the water full of yachts, rowing boats and motorboats.
Also in Ullswater you will be able to the beautiful waterfall Aira Force.  The Ullswater is where Donald Campbell broke the water speed record, going a fast 202.32 miles per hour in 1955.
If you’re looking for a fabulous way to spend a family vacation the location of Ullswater would be an outstanding bet.  With all that water around if you don’t want to go boating you can sit down on the shore for a relaxing day of fishing.  Or a walk around the lake, or parts of the lake, which will allow you to look out at the water and all the boaters, or look at the fabulous wild life and birds that may be in the area.
Or for a wedding Ullswater would be one of the most beautiful locations to plan your wedding venue.  Or have your wedding aboard one of the steamers, what a fantastic place to hold such a memorable day.  Most definitely your guests will be talking for years about your wedding vows and the place they were held in.  Ullswater will always hold a special place in you and your spouse’s hearts too.  With such a chance of holding your wedding in the second largest lake in the Lake District and the most scenic and beautiful lakes, how could you ever choose a nicer place?
Or if you are the head of a business and want to plan a conference in an area that your company would not normally use, try Ullswater.  Your employees will have a wonderful time and will return to the job with more knowledge and feeling refreshed from such a beautiful place as Ullswater.
So if you want to go to the Lake District in the United Kingdom but aren’t sure of which town to go too, maybe consider Ullswater as one of your top choices.  This is a wonderful vacation spot!