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The village of Staveley is surrounded by three hills.  This small but very busy village in the Cumbria Lake District area is a perfect biker’s paradise.
The hills around Staveley form a horseshoe obstacle where mountain bikers and hobbyists can test their skills and stamina.
How to Navigate the Rolling Hills of Staveley
It is best to schedule your biking adventure trip in Staveley during the summer months.  At this time of the year, the trails and paths would not be too slippery and treacherous. 
However, occasional rains can be experienced at the village which could make your biking trip more challenging.  For the serious bikers, the winter months provide a good time to test their ability for uphill and downhill mountain-biking across the hilly parts of Staveley. 
Where to Start Your Biking Adventure
It is advisable to start your biking trek at the Reston Scar.  This part of the triad hill surrounding Staveley is the main residential and commercial area.  You can prepare your gear at any of the village’s lodging houses and buy essential things for your long ride. 
You can choose whether to take the uphill Piked Howe or towards the south in the Lily Fell.  Each route provides distinct challenges to bikers but a view of the entire Kentmere valley will be visible if you reach the peaks of these hills. 
After your biking trip on the hills of Staveley, you can stop by the village’s pub houses and bistros.  You can relax your weary feet and muscles there while enjoying the company of friendly local residents.