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It is a unique quality of Ravenstonedale to be considered as a village and at the same a large parish located in Cumbria. To be more particular, Ravenstonedale is located on the watershed between the River Eden and the River Lune. The village is in fact divided into four great angles namely: Newbiggin-on-Lune, Town, Fell End, and Bowderdale.
The church on the other hand has been dedicated to St. Oswald back in the 18th century. What makes the Ravenstonedale Parish remarkable is the interesting interior it bears which is in collegiate style which describes the rows of pews face located in the central aisle. And to the north of the Ravenstonedale Parish lies the remains of the Gilbertine Abbey which was built in the 12 century. 
For Ravenstonedale etymology, it came from an old custom known as the paying of two pence for the raven’s head. This customs has continued to stay alive in its countryside setting and exists to bear the ancient custom of old Ravenstonedale.
In Ravenstonedale, farming is considered to be principal livelihood in the local economy of the Ravenstonedale community because of its hard-working people. However, as 21st century enters the scene of the Ravenstonedale, the farming livelihood suffered terribly especially the hill farming due to foot and moth disease. With this kind of situation, the people of Ravenstonedale continue to battle the challenges that go their way.
The positive outlook and attitude of people in Ravenstonedale shine and is seen in their tourism. The main asset of the village is its serene, calm, and harmonious tranquility as you sojourn the countryside with the view of the Lake District National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park.