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For many foreigners, the Mungrisdale is simply a starting point in climbing nearby hills like Bannerdale Crags, Souther Fell, and Bowscale Fell. But this small village of the English Lake District is not only made for hill climbers. It was also made for natural travelers at heart.
The Parish of Mungrisdale, A Great Tourist Attraction
In the beautiful northern fells of Lake District lies the famous Parish of Mungrisdale. This is made up of eight hamlets namely Mungrisdale, Mosedale, Bowscale, Hegle Lane, Hutton Roof, Haltcliffe Bridge, Berrier, and Murrah.
The Mungrisdale hamlet is only a small, old, and low church that was built way back 1756. But what makes this interesting is its old bell, which is dated 1481. It’s also interesting to know that the presently parish meeting house of the hamlet is a butching house of the past. Being old and historical, this is one of the tourist attractions of the Mungrisdale.
Other Interesting Sceneries in Mungrisdale
Aside from the old church, the Mungrisdale also boasts a great spot where travelers can see a really great and beautiful nature. Looking down over the Mungrisdale, you will see the Great Mell Fell and the Bowscale Fell. You’ll see how lovely the fields are as well as the small trees and high slopes.
The view of Souther Fell is also astonishing with its green fields, soft trees, wild forests, and nice slopes. Also, the Bowscale Tarn is a great and lovely view where you can see a big lake quietly lying on a hill’s slopes. The road of the village is also an attractive view with its retained old style.
With these amazing offerings, the Mungrisdale is certainly not just your ordinary starting point for climbing hills.