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Like many large regions, the Lake District is comprised of many manufacturing industries. Whether it’s clothing, furniture, paper, wood products or any number of other variations, there is an abundance of manufacturing jobs for those who are inclined to seek employment in that industry. For those who lack experience in other fields, manufacturing offers an opportunity for someone to make a decent wage to support himself and/or his family. It is likely to be the largest single sector other than automotive, an industry that is assembly rather than manufacturing.

In the Lake District you will find many different types of manufacturing processes that radiate throughout the entire Lake District. It’s difficult to say which industry is the most important or even has the largest number of employees, but it’s a safe bet that clothing manufacturing is certainly near the top of the list. Furniture manufacturing is likely to be a very close second as well since both clothing and furniture are two products that are necessities of life.

You will also find many different chemical manufacturing processes including that of pharmaceuticals and household cleaning products. These are certainly not the only products involved in the chemical manufacturing process, but they encompass a large portion, all of which are necessities and create work for the manufacturing industry. As you stroll through the streets of the villages in the Lake District you will find many different sights, sounds and smells that are indicative of the manufacturing industry.