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Among the many lakes of the UK’s incomparable, tourist spot – Lake District - is one of its smaller lakes, Loweswater. The calm, idyllic hideaway of Loweswater, in Lake District, can be easily accessed from other parts of Cumbria, as well as from Cockermouth, nearby. To the south of the lake are the impressive fells of Burnbank, Blake, Gavel, Hencomb and Mellbreak, which together, are referred to as Loweswater Fells. To the north of Loweswater, in the Lake District, is the Fellbarrow range.

Loweswater, in Lake District, is nestled within rolling hills and verdant, greenery. Many of the lake’s fells can be explored, although Mellbreak, is rather craggy and steep. Loweswater, in Lake District, has been largely un-spoilt by tourism and is considerably more peaceful than the nearby lakes of Crummock Water and Buttermere. However, for tourists visiting the lake, there is a popular and convenient, lakeside path that encircles the lake.

There is a small, densely-wooded forest to the south of Loweswater, in Lake District. Situated amidst this forest is ‘Holme Force’, a waterfall of exceptional beauty. However, as it cannot be seen, owing to it being deep within the forest, Holme Force is rarely visited. This makes it extremely thrilling to visitors who do venture into the forest to take in the rare sight.

To enjoy a trip along Loweswater, in Lake District, visitors can hire rowing boats. However, the use of privately-owned, boats are not permitted on the lake. Loweswater is owned by the National Trust of Lake District. Recently, several trees, on either shore of the lake, were cut or trimmed by the National Trust in order to improve the view of, and from, the lake. Ironically, Loweswater means “Leafy Lake”. Tourists visiting Loweswater, in Lake District, can witness the annual Loweswater Show which, features competitions involving farmers’ produce, as well as other traditional, Cumbrian sports. For those wishing to enjoy a trip along the lake, traditional, clinker built rowing boats are available on rent from the National Trust Watergate Farm, located at the south-eastern end of the lake.

Loweswater, is unique, being the only lake that drains towards the middle of Lake District, all the way to Crummock Water. It is believed that Loweswater and Crummock Water were once a single body of water. In the vicinity of the lake, red squirrels can be found as they favor the coniferous habitat. Loweswater is considered on of the smaller lakes in Lake District as it is merely one mile long, half a mile wide and sixty feet deep. The shores of the lake are the perfect habitat for several birds and insects because of the lush reeds and lily pads along them.

Loweswater may not be as picturesque, or popular, as the two other neighboring lakes in Buttermere Valley– Crummock Water and Buttermere - but in its own way, Loweswater is a peaceful and enchanting area of Lake District, where visitors can unwind and escape the stresses of urban life.