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Looking to plan a Lake District wedding venue?  You may just want to hold a Wedding Reception in the Lake District, or the full Lake District venue of a civil ceremony.  The most important thing when trying to plan a Lake District venue of a civil Wedding ceremony is to ensure that the location you were hoping to hold the ceremony at is available for the day you were planning on. 
A lot of the Lake District venues are normally reserved for well over a year in advance.  Plus you will need to keep in mind the time of year and what the weather would be like, some of the Lake District venues might forbid the throwing of confetti, how about your flowers will you be allowed to put them up in advance, and is the Lake District venue you are looking at big enough for the amount of people you are inviting?
You also need to make sure that you’re picking the right Lake District venue in that if your guests all smoke or the majority of them do and smoking is not allowed it will create a problem with people coming and going and maybe not enjoying your reception as much as they should!  As stated above the size of the Lake District venue you pick should be able to hold the people you are inviting.  If you are planning for a large bunch of people you might want to look into a Marquee, these are perfect for a large number of people.
If you hold your Lake District venue Wedding ceremony in a different place from the reception is the Lake District venue easy for your guest to find, or will they possibly get lost and miss out on some of the fun of your reception.  The Lake District is a stunning area and a great place to plan a Lake District venue of a beautiful Wedding; however you will want to ensure that some things are known before your final decision.
Some Lake District venue’s will not allow confetti throwing so you might want to check into that, but you need to find out other things too. Are the decorations included? Where will the wedding presents be stored, and is alcohol cost included or is it extra?  Most of these you won’t have to worry about because the majority of Lake District venues employ their own wedding coordinators.  This will help you out in your plans.
Again when wanting to plan your Lake District Wedding you will need to consider the time of year, this will directly affect the price of your Wedding.  It’s much cheaper to plan a Lake District venue for the winter months, and the money you save on your Wedding you can use on several other things, especially the honeymoon!  Plus you can take advantage of decorations that might already be in place because of the season, such as Christmas.  Isn’t it romantic thinking of sitting in front of a roaring fire?

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