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Boutique Hotels

Get Lost in the Distinctive Charm of Boutique Hotels
When going away on a weekend trip, a long break from work or a well-deserved holiday in a faraway land – the first thing that you usually ask is: "Where will I stay?"

This is because when you are going on a leisure trip, comfort should be your number one priority. How else will you have a marvelous vacation if your accommodations are less than comfortable?

After exploring the tourist spots in the area, how can you have a restful slumber if your bed is stiff, the place is unkempt and the room is uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to spend a fortune on traditional luxurious hotel rooms anymore.  With boutique hotels, you will have an alternative form of accommodations no matter which part of England it is that you wish to discover.

Boutique Hotels: The Basics

The first boutique hotel was created in New York way back in 1984.

Do you know where the term boutique hotels actually came from? The term was put together by Steve Rubell.  He described a hotel project that he was working on as being more like a boutique than a department store.

From then on, several boutique hotels were made – and until now, this type of alternative accommodation is enjoying a huge following in the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of the world. 

The difference between boutique hotels and a run-of-the mill hotel is that the former has a relatively small operation.  For example, boutique hotels can be considered such if the establishment has less than 100 rooms.

You will find boutique hotels in the form of converted sugar warehouses or corn mills. This innovative take on the traditional hotel adds even more character to the way that boutique hotels are made.

Today, if you are looking for comfortable, luxurious and even chic accommodations, then boutique hotels are exactly right for you.
A Myriad of Styles for Boutique Hotels

The good thing about boutique hotels is that they can be as modern or as ancient as you want. You can even enjoy an eclectic mixture of the old and new in inventive, turn-of-the-century boutique hotels which surprisingly have modern amenities.

The range of styles that boutique hotels sport today is anywhere from ultra-modern, to small and informal, to inventive and highly original.

How to Look for the Best Boutique Hotels

If you are wondering how you can book for the best boutique hotels to stay at, here are a few tips that you need to remember:

  • You do not have to spend a small fortune.
Set a ceiling for your budget in accommodations. It is quite easy to go over budget on a trip, especially if you want to have the best accommodations possible.  Go online and search for the highest quality yet reasonably priced boutique hotels that you can find.

  • Prioritize the amenities that you want.
Whether it is a spa, swimming pool or a tennis court, make sure that the boutique hotels will have the facilities that you want and need.

  • Select the best boutique hotels location.
If you want to sip beer in a real English pub, choose the boutique hotels which are near such establishments.
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Aphrodites Hotel
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