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One way to see the spectacular Lake District is to view it through someone else’s eyes. This can be accomplished through Lake District Art. Seeing the art work of all the locals at the Lake District art Festival is one way that you can see it all in one place. There are several different art studios in the Lake District but you may not have time to visit them all while you are there. It’s important to view different types of art work to understand each individual’s view of life.
Lake District art studio is just one way that you can view art work from as early as the 17th century. The walls are full of art that is currently being displayed for view during certain times of the day and during certain days of the week. Some Lake District Art Studios will require appointments to be made in advance to avoid traveling for long periods of time only to find that the doors are closed. You don’t want to choose a day that the Lake District Art studios are closed due to maintenance.
A Lake District Art studio may display more than just pictures on the wall. They may also include sculptures, photography, crafts, or glassware. A Lake District Art studio may offer classes as well. Some of these classes will include pottery, glasswork, crafting, photography and more. A simple photography at the Lake District Art studios will help you take the best pictures while you are staying in the Lake District.
If you find a piece that you like the best at the lake District art show you can purchase the artwork and have it shipped back to your home. You can also purchase a masterpiece online anytime by logging on to the Lake District art sites.
Not all the artwork found at the Lake District Art studios are colorful pictures. Some are black and white paintings or pictures of a person, place or thing. Some say a thousand words while others freeze a moment in time. The Lake District Art is a great way to take a little bit of the Lake District home with you forever. A constant reminder that you were once there and saw what has been captured on canvas.
When searching for a Lake District Art piece to take home with you it’s best to choose one that displays a special place or thing that you visited while you were in the Lake District. It may be the tallest mountain in the Lake District or it may be a piece of scenery. 
When you log on to each site you can better choose which type of art you are the most interested in. If you like portraits but you would rather look at sculptures you can go ahead and reserve a sculpture that is for sell. Then you can pick it up on your journey before you return home. The Lake District offers fantastic views, wonderful foods, a friendly atmosphere, and great art work.
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The Old School Gallery
The Old School Gallery
The gallery has a wide collection of Donald Swan paintings as well as other artists from around the area. Home to the "Ships of Destiny" exhibition, the gallery is a great place to visit,...
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