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The beautiful Lake District, located in gorgeous rural North West England, has Lake District Apartments available for large families and smaller, quant get-a-ways.  Regardless if you’re traveling with your entire family, having a girls week, or celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon; you’ll find Apartments available with one, two, and three bedrooms.  Most Lake District Apartments are settled beside the beautiful lakes of this district, in quant towns with cobblestone streets and amazing views.  You’ll be able to enjoy the wondrous mountain peaks that adorn the town of Lake District.  With nearly 25 high peak mountain tops ranging in size from 978 Meters to just over 800 Meters; the views are breath-taking. 

Holiday goers that visit the Lake District Apartments will find themselves engulfed in the wildlife, maritime climate, and stations throughout the beautiful area that allows on-lookers to view the landscape.  Some of the wildlife that you may see while staying at one of the Lake District Apartments are very unique to the UK.  The red squirrel, colonies of carnivorous plants and England are only known nesting pair of Golden Eagles; for those that enjoy fishing; there are at least three rare and endangered varieties of fish that can also be found in the Lake District area. 

The Lake District has always been a popular vacationing destination for travelers since the 18th Century.  The railways that emerged in the mid 1800’s were partially responsible for the emergence of travelers from varying cities and towns throughout Europe.  And in the 19th Century, the Lake District became one of UK’s popular National parks.  As tourism started growing by leaps and bounds, so did the Lake District Apartments.  Today, there are hundreds of Lake District Apartments available for weekly rates ranging from 200 pounds to 500 pounds. 

Many of the Lake District Apartments are older cottages and homes that have been renovated; some of these Lake District Apartments are hundreds of years old.  But for those that enjoy the benefits of modern amenities; no need to worry- there are Lake District Apartments that offer high speed Internet connections, DVD recorders, HI Fi, and satellite television.  Most of the Lake District Apartments are nestled in quaint towns that offer exceptional dining and attractions.  If you enjoy art; there are galleries throughout the Lake District.  Most of the Lake District Apartments are self-catering; this allows for families and guests to save money by cooking their own meals and not paying high service fees. 

Lake District Apartments can supply you with plenty of restful nights of sleep after long days spent enjoying the picturesque landscape, sailing and boating, as well as, mountain hiking.  Other popular attractions include Lake Steamers that sail across the various waters in the Lake District area; as well as, visiting historians, poets, and writers estates. 

Regardless if you choose recreation or leisure as your holiday past-time; there are a vast number of Apartments awaiting your visit.