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It’s not just the sights, culture, cuisine or entertainment that makes a destination a crowd puller … but when these are combined with comfortable, convenient and affordable accommodation, you have the makings of a great destination. One shining example is the incomparable, value that Lake District accommodation lends to the Lake District, making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the UK. Of course, there’s much more that makes the Lake District the fabulous vacation spot it is, apart from the quality and variety of Lake District accommodation. All you need to do, is ask any of the estimated 14 million people that visit the Lake District every year and their exuberant, enthusiasm to describe its exquisite, natural beauty will, perhaps, convince you to put it on your must-visit list.
The Lake District is a 35 mile long nature fashioned, paradise that is located in North Western corner of England. With the spell-binding and virtually surreal, ambience created by its magnificent mountain and fell ranges and exotic glacial lakes, tarns, rivers and streams that color its landscapes, the Lake District stands alone in its exclusive allure. To experience the magnetic Lake District attractions and the dream holiday spot of a lifetime, Lake District accommodation will indeed, make your dream come true. There are more reasons than one why Lake District accommodation is so appealing to the millions of tourists that visit the Lake District every year. To start with, Lake District accommodation offers places to suit just about any budget. This makes it the ideal value for money destination for large families, tour groups, couples or individuals taking short breaks, or longer holidays. Another big reason that makes Lake District accommodation so attractive is that it offers places to stay that are in close proximity to the many stunning lakes, mountains, fells and other attractions. What’s more, most types of Lake District accommodation present magnificent vistas of such Lake District natural wonders.
It’s truly hard to find a holiday spot in the UK that can match the vast variety of places to stay that Lake District accommodation has to offer. If you are planning to holiday in the Lake District with family or friends, or would like to enjoy its many attractions in total solitude, choose the kind of Lake District accommodation that suits your needs from this extensive list of options.
Lake District accommodation – Bed and Breakfast
This is possibly the best money saving place to stay from other Lake District accommodation options. Bed and Breakfasts include farm houses, inns and guest houses. As opposed to a full service, hotel such accommodation is more homely in atmosphere and the services provided are truly personal and hospitable, giving guests a home away from home feeling. The money saving factor lies in the fact that all bed and breakfast tariffs include all amenities and a substantial breakfast to start your action-filled day. What makes bed and breakfast accommodation so warm and friendly is that many of them are family owned and managed by the owners themselves. Ownership of such places has extended from generation to generation and has been in existence for several decades. However, there are also new bed and breakfast establishments that have been set up recently which are equipped with the latest amenities to meet the demand of present day travelers. Of course, one major advantage of bed and breakfast accommodations that goes beyond their attractive prices is that most offer breathtaking views of lush green valleys, majestic hills and mountains, and depending on their particular locations, spectacular views of one of the picturesque lakes in the Lake District.
Several bed and breakfast-types of Lake District accommodation are conveniently located allowing for easy access to many of the activities available in the Lake District – boating, hiking, fishing, sailing, cycling, walking and many more. A bed and breakfast accommodation is just like home, as it offers you the luxury of coming and going whenever you please, and if you wish to learn about a particular Lake District activity or place of interest, the owner, or family member will be only too happy to offer you some valuable tips. With its home-grown hospitality, ideal location for those breathtaking views and tariff that will make you smile, a bed and breakfast is surely a great place to stay among other Lake District accommodation options. The range of bed and breakfast options is truly large as you could find one anywhere in the Lake District, particularly in such popular holiday spots as Ambleside, Bowness, Coniston Water, Derwentwater, Kendal, Keswick, Ullswater or Windermere.
Lake District accommodation – Cottages
If you are looking for an intimate, romantic weekend getaway or planning a longer holiday with the family, then the Lake District accommodation that’s simply the best one for you is a holiday cottage. Most holiday cottages in the Lake District give you a slice of history as they have age old cathedral-shaped windows with architecture resembling large castles. This is because most cottages are built of stone and stand where they are since the 18th and early 19th century. A Holiday cottage is a popular Lake District accommodation, offering guests spacious, well appointed rooms and a fully fitted kitchen to cook up a quick meal if you so desire. Many cottages permit the presence of pets and feature such amenities as internet service, satellite television, and DVD players to take in a movie. Most holiday cottages in the Lake District are self-catering, however, most are just a short walk or drive from local restaurants, pubs and other catering establishments, where you can enjoy a delicious meal and wash it down with a locally brewed, beer, wine or ale.
The interior décor of most Lake District holiday cottages add to their overall homely appeal, as some feature décor that reflects bygone eras and their own heritage, such as Victorian or old European culture. There are other more recently built, cottages that display more contemporary or modern décor. Apart from the privacy and independent living flavor offered by holiday cottages, there’s also another big benefit – their excellent locations. This is because almost all of the 600 holiday cottages in the Lake District stand amidst picture perfect, fully landscaped areas and are not too far from the many Lake District attractions. Apart from theatres, art galleries, gardens, pubs and restaurants, other adventure activities are within close proximity. Such activities include mountain biking, trekking, trail walking, sightseeing and a variety of water sport activities. The good news is that you are sure to find a holiday cottage as they are open to guests throughout the year including the harsh winter months when most holiday cottages are offered at special, discounted prices. For spacious comfort, privacy and a home that is straight out of the history books, a holiday cottage is indeed the Lake District that can make your holiday complete.
Lake District accommodation – Hotels
BUDGET HOTELS – For travelers wishing to get a little extra value for their money, in terms of services and amenities, budget hotels are their best bets. Budget hotels in the Lake District have services and amenities that are specifically tailored for couples and families and combine an affordable price with a little luxury that such guests would expect. Many budget hotels are furnished with satellite television, DVD players to watch movies and an internet facility. In general, the ambience of budget hotels is homely, clean and cozy, and the service warm and friendly. Lake District accommodation offers several types of hotels for budget travelers which include modern-styled, Dorm rooms that result in cost savings, Self-catering accommodation which permit guests the facility of cooking their own food and even comfortable Inns, some of which date back almost 300 years. Because of their convenient locations, most of the popular Lake District activities are within easy reach, while many also offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape such as tranquil lakes, magnificent mountains and rich green pastures. The winter months are also a great time to spend at any Lake District budget hotel, because not only can you avail special, discounted prices, you’ll also have the opportunity for sledding or skiing, or simply enjoy the view of the majestic snow-crowned mountain summits. However, there’s much more to do during the summer months when activities, among others, such as walking up and down lake shorelines, hiking, garden walks, sailing, kayaking and canoeing are enjoyed by thousands of visitors, many of whom stay in budget hotels. A budget hotel is a good money-saver and a smart choice among other types of Lake District accommodation. 
LUXURY HOTELS – As some visitors are willing to pay a little more and demand a higher level of service and amenities, Lake District accommodation also offers several luxury hotels to cater to the needs of such discerning, guests. Lake District luxury hotels offer rooms that are spacious and lavishly furnished. In addition, they offer much more modern amenities and services than other ordinary or standard, budget Lake District accommodation. A major number of luxury hotels in the Lake District offer in-spa or in-room massage services as well as a host of other spa treatments. The dining menus served by restaurants in luxury hotels offer popular, local dishes, as well as European and traditional English cuisine. In fact, these restaurants offer some of the finest dining experiences in the Lake District. If you wish to take a quick snack break, you can stop over in one of the small coffee shops or cafes that are available in several Lake District luxury hotels. Comprehensive wedding packages are also popular features offered by most luxury hotels in the Lake District. The reason why an increasing number of couples are availing such wedding packages is because many luxury hotels are located amidst picturesque, natural settings making them ideal spots for weddings. Professional convention and meeting facilities are also offered by many Lake District luxury hotels making them ideal, corporate getaways. There’s probably no better way to mix business with leisure with so many majestic mountains and beautiful lakes in full view from the convention hall windows. Among the many types of Lake District accommodation, luxury hotels are certainly the ones to get those little extras … by paying a little extra. Then again, it’s those many extras you receive that make an extraordinary holiday.
Lake District accommodation – Youth Hostels
Perhaps, the least expensive way to enjoy many of the attractions in the Lake District is to book into one of the many youth hostels around. Of the different types of Lake District accommodation, youth hostels are truly economical and well suited for vacationers traveling in large groups. As of today, youth hostels offer a higher standard of security, safety and service, in addition to their pocket-pleasing, prices. Accommodation in youth hostels is usually dormitory-style; however, some are primarily camping barns that provide basic, self-catering services. Many such camping barns are basically, renovated old farm buildings and are located in scenic, rural settings. Youth hostels can also be rented for exclusive stay by a large group and permits the use of all facilities. The extremely low fees for annual membership make youth hostels an excellent choice for a group of people, or families, seeking low budget, accommodation. Before booking into a youth hostel, or when searching for Lake District accommodation, make sure that the one you are considering is suitable for a large travel group or for families, as there are some that may not be suitable for such groups. Moreover, also ascertain whether there are convenient facilities and access for the disabled, because some are not likely to have such conveniences. Most youth hostels offer camp facilities during the summer months. In Ambleside, a windsurfing and sailing school has been established where courses are offered in the two sport disciplines.
It goes without saying that the Lake District owes much of its international fame to its pristine, natural beauty, but another factor that is playing a major role in popularizing it, is the quality and variety of Lake District Accommodation.
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