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Keswick is located in the Lake District in Cumbria County of the United Kingdom.  It’s known as a market town, with a small population of 4,281.  In the 16th century Keswick was home to a bit of mining, and in fact it is known as the very first place of a graphite pencil.
Keswick holds a market in town center every Saturday.  Also in the center of Keswick is Moot Hall which is a place for tourist to get information, but once in the past it was town hall.
In Keswick the main business today is from all the tourist.  In the town of Keswick they have accommodations for well over a thousand people.  Keswick’s tourists come to see the film festival that is held each year, or the beer festival that is also held each year.  Plus Keswick also has a jazz festival each year.  Plus a half of a marathon is held every May too.
Not only that but each year Keswick host the Christian Convention.  Keswick is a very busy town that if you were to stay in you would surely have enough to keep you busy.  And if you time your visit right you may be able to see one of the many festivals that are held in Keswick!
Keswick also has a slew of things you should try to see while visiting, one being the Theatre by the Lake, which houses repertoires and also some parts of festivals.  Also you should check out the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum, which has celebrity cars that were featured in television and film.
Also in Keswick is the Keswick Museum and Art Gallery, which hold some fabulous work.  Also in Keswick is the Cumberland Pencil museum, which gives you a history of pencils.  Or the wonderful prehistoric monument Castlerigg stone circle, which is not very far to walk too.
Some famous people who either lived in or visited Keswick in their lives include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth and Robert Southey.
Another fact about Keswick is that it was the first place where United Kingdom police had to use their riot gear.  As you can see Keswick is a town full of things to do, and one you would be hard pressed to be bored in.  So why not plan a family vacation to Keswick, it will be something your kids will talk about for years and possibly the best vacation you have ever taken as a family.
Or if you’re looking for a special venue for your wedding, you should look into Keswick.  You will need to of course check the availability of the venue you are hoping to hold your wedding in, because some venues are packed and booked far in advance possibly all the way up to a year.
Keswick would also be a great place for you to honeymoon, you and your new spouse can spend a wonderful time in the historic Lake District. Book your stay soon.
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