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Hotels in Buttermere

Renting in hotels in Buttermere would be a fantastic idea for your family vacation.  Buttermere is located in the north west part of the English Lake District in scenic Cumbria County.  The lake of Buttermere itself is 1 ¼ miles long, only a ¼ of a mile wide and at it’s deepest is around 75 feet deep.  It is located at an elevation of 329 feet above sea level.  Not high at all above sea level. 
A wonderful scenic place to visit is Buttermere, due to its placement that faces the head of the valley of the river Cocker, and it is surrounded by fells, one is the notable High Stile range which sits to the southwest, looking northeast you will find Robinson, and Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks are to your southeast, while Grasmoor is to the northwest.  The actual village of Buttermere is on the northwest side of the lake.  In a perfect location for many family activities if you decide to stay in a hotel in the village.
For you walkers out there the lake has a path around it which is 4 ½ miles long.  On the path at one point you pass through a rock tunnel which is below the town of Hasness.  The Lake itself is owned by the National Trust and is included in the property that is called Buttermere and Ennerdale.
For those word historians out there Buttermere means “the lake by the dairy pastures”.   Also in Melvyn Bragg’s novel “Maid of Buttermere” Mary Robinson who was the daughter of the landlord of the Fish Inn was the maid.  It seems that so many of these villages in England are so rich in history of all kinds, you will perhaps want to research the location first to plan out your activities.
Staying in a hotel in Buttermere will offer you the chance to enjoy a wonderful countryside, that you can take walks in, have picnics, or just have a great family day out.  Don’t forget to take your camera, your going to want pictures of this beautiful country.
Also with a hotel stay in Buttermere you can enjoy the lakes of Buttermere, Crummock, Water, and Loweswater.  So many lakes to offer, and if you are a fisher, you’ll want to try out your angling skills in any if not all of these lakes.
The Pillar Rock which is famous is found to the south of the high fells outside of Buttermere.
So hotels in Buttermere seems likes a great idea for your family.  Hotels in England are small at times thus the hotel staff will be able to provide you better service.  With a stay in one of the hotels in Buttermere you may want to try and make a reservation early or you may not be able to find any hotel rooms.  Also make sure you make out a good itinerary or perhaps a person in the hotel can lead you to areas not known to tourist.