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Holiday Cottages In Ulverston

Another in the series of places that are great to rent is holiday cottages in Ulverston , you would be wise to visit Ulverston, which is a market town located in the South Lakeland District of Cumbria county in England.  Ulverston is historically known as part of Lancashire, and the town is on the Furness Peninsula, which is very close to the Lake District, also just north of Morecambe Bay.
The railway that serves Ulverston, is located on the Furness Line which goes from Barrow-in-Furness to Lancaster, which in the end leads to Manchester Airport.  You would most likely be able to walk to the railway station from a holiday cottage you have rented near the town center.
The most distinguishing feature in Ulverston’s history is most definitely Hoad Monument, which is a concrete structure built in 1850 it was made as a commemorate to the local resident and statesman Sir John Barrow.  From the monument you are able to have scenic views of the area around, which includes Morecambe Bay and other parts of the Lake District.  Renting holiday cottagesin Ulverston and being able to see Hoad Monument is a great reason to spend some vacation time in Ulverston.
Ulverston Canal, although it is not in use anymore, is said to be the deepest, widest, and shortest canal in the UK, it is only 1 ¼ miles long.  Once the canal was a vital part of the town’s economic growth.
While renting your holiday cottages in Ulverston you will not need to worry about places to shop or pubs to visit, there are many along the main street which is cobble stone.  At the head of Main Street is also a beautiful memorial to local soldiers who lost their lives in World War I, don’t miss it.
Ulverston as a name and location was first mention in the Domesday Book in the year of 1086, it was spelled Ulvrestun, and mean “Ulfarr’s farm” in Old Norse, or perhaps even “wolf Warrior” in Old English.
Ulverston is an outstanding choice as a place to go on vacation and rent holiday cottages in Ulverston.  The great thing about holiday cottages in Ulverston is it will fit your whole family, and it’s also private.  Holiday cottages in Ulverston are made this way to make you feel more at home, then you would in a hotel or motel.  Also if you are staying in holiday cottages in Ulverston you have the option to be able to cook there.  Holiday cottages in Ulverston are not expensive when you look at what you receive from renting one.  In fact overall holiday cottages in Ulverston might be a better deal than the local inn.
Plus if you stay in a holiday cottage in Ulverston you can learn more about the notable people associated with Ulverston.  They are Sir John Barrow, Stan Laurel, Norman Birkett, and Thomas Gray.  All people worth spending the time to learn about.  Doing so from the comfort of your holiday cottages in Ulverston will make your vacation seem all that more relaxing.
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