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Holiday Cottages In Threlkeld

Another outstanding place to visit and stay is in a holiday cottage in Threlkeld, it’s a village which is located in the north of the Lake District in England.  It is east of Keswick.  Threlkeld is to the southern foot of Blencathra, which is one of the more prominent fells in the northern Lake District, and it is also to the north of the River Glenderamackin. 
At one time Threlked had it’s own station on the Cockermouth, Keswick and Pennith Railway, it was located on the opposite side of the valley, right next to the now closed Threlkeld Quarry, which is at the foot of Clough Head.  Now that railway line is a footpath and a cycle track for many to walk and enjoy.  Some of the terraced house that uses to house the quarry workers is still standing near the station. 
You may also want to visit the Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum while staying in a holiday cottage in Threlkeld. 
In fact Threlkeld Village now has a wonderful website that is filled with information about the Village and the surrounding areas.  This is a great way to pick a wonderful location for a holiday cottage to rent, thus ensuring that you will be able to visit many things during your stay.
This valley was thought to be settled by man some 5,000 years ago.  The Stone Circle that is located in Castlerigg and the Threlkeld Knotts are proof of this fact.  Around the time of Christ is when the fellside forests and valley morass were drained, and tiny scattered communities started to appear.  It’s thought that Threlkeld grew from one of these tiny communities into what it is now.  The town name of Threlkeld is thought to come from the Norse meaning “The spring of the thralls”  A thrall by definition is a serf, or actually was a serf who was in a lifetime bondage to their master or lord.  It’s thought this name might have come about because the Norse invaders took over a settlement and made the residents their serfs.
Threlked has held a place of Christian Worship since the Dark Ages, in fact it is certain there was a church during the Norman times.  The first priest was documented in the 1220 area as a man named Randulf.  In 1777 the church was rebuild, but the tower that houses two bells is still standing and is over 500 years old.
Renting a holiday cottage in this beautiful location would give you access to so much history.  One of the wonderful things about a holiday cottage is that you are able to rent the whole cottage and stay with your family.  In holiday cottages in Threlkeld you don’t need to worry if someone else is in the restroom, such as a stranger, but holiday cottages have you surrounded by your loving family.
If you want to invest in a wonderful vacation in which you all can have a great time, renting a holiday cottage is one of the best ways to do so.  Holiday cottages in Threlkeld lets you have that family atmosphere, but also in a holiday cottage you will be able to have home cooked meals if you wish.  These are only a few reasons why a holiday cottage is the way to vacation.  Holiday cottages in Threlkeld will have you spoiled for future family vacations and you might decide on every vacation to rent a holiday cottage. 
So as you can see just by the short history of Threlkeld, renting  holiday cottages in Threlkeld in this wonderful village will give your family a vacation of a lifetime!