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Holiday Cottages In Ravenglass

Another great place to rent is holiday cottages in Ravenglass is in the small coastal village of Ravenglass.  In fact Ravenglass is the only town that is within the Lake District National Park, none of the other cities or villages can claim that.  Ravenglass is situated at the estuary of the rivers Esk, Mite and Irt. 
Holiday cottages in Ravenglass is one place to find out it’s history dates all the other important features that only Ravenglass is known for. At one point in the 2nd century, at that time it was a very important naval base for the Romans and was at that time named Glannaventa.  It was the south point of the whole Cumbrian coastal defense system, in fact it was an extension of Hadrian’s Wall.  Connected together by a continuous chain of mileforts and watchtowers.
The Romans occupied Ravenglass for over 300 years and they had a garrison or a total soldier count of 500 soldiers stationed there.  The town acted as the regional supply location for much of north-west Roman Britain.  There was a Roman road that went from Ravengalss to Hardknott Pass and on to the Roman fort Ambleside.  If you’re a literature lover you will know that Ambleside was mentioned in Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy.
If you were to visit Ravenglass today there are very few Roman remains, except for the notable bath-house, that is now known as Walls Castle.  This is in fact the largest Roman structure that remains in England today.  It covers a total area of 90 feet by 40 feet and has walls that are up to 12 feet high.  The property is under the watch of the English Heritage now.
There are holiday cottages in Ravenglass that are very near the Walls Castle that you can rent.  It would be a wonderful location to be that close to ancient Roman ruins.
holiday cottages in Ravenglass will be beautiful in this part of the Lake District because it’s a slower and quieter way of life.  Plus if you rent a holiday cottage you will have the peace and quiet of just your family or extended family in that location.  Another excellent thing about holiday cottages in Ravenglass is that you can get your own food from local markets and make home cooked meals.  Or even go out and eat at a pub or restaurant.  Either way you do it a holiday cottage is a big plus when going on vacation.  Just think of the wondrous things you’ll be able to see in beautiful Ravenglass, and how relaxed you will be knowing that it’s only you and your family in the holiday cottages in Ravenglass.  It’s like being in your own home but on vacation!
You will need to ensure that you reserve your holiday cottage early, because they are quit popular.  Holiday cottages are the way to go when on vacation.  In fact once you rent your holiday cottages in Ravenglass you may never go back to renting another type of place.  So fire up your internet, and pull up Ravenglass and see what holiday cottages are in the area.  Compare what they offer and pick your favorite holiday cottages in Ravenglass and reserve it for that next trip.
Family trips to Ravenglass is relaxing and very important when you bring the kids. Learning about the details that make a place known is fun. Holiday cottages in Ravenglass is a great place to educate your family.
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