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Holiday Cottages In Pooley Bridge

Holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge are a wonderful way to spend a family vacation.  And in England you have such wonderful quaint places that have been made into a holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge for your family to spend a vacation.  Try looking into Pooley Bridge as a location to visit, it’s in Cumbria country, in North West England.  The name Pooley Bridge comes from the bridge that crosses over the Eamont River which is located at the northern end of Ullswater.  This is where ferries that are called steamers pick up people and transport them to Glenridding.
Pooley Bridge is a great example of the Lake District’s beauty.  Another great reason why you should look into renting holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge.
Pooley Bridge is located in the civil parish of Barton, while a few houses on the northern Cumberland side are actually in Dacre parish.  Pooley Bridge is indeed one of the most important settlements on Ullswater.
In fact the Celtic tribesmen who settled in the Pooley Bridge area brought with them the method of stilt-house building in shallow lakes.  There are not many areas of the Ullswater where this would be able to be done.
Early settlers of Pooley Bridge to protect their homes took to building the homes on hills or tops of conical peaks.  Some other locations were built as a military defense on top of hills that would be able to repel any invader.  In several ways Pooley Bridge is indeed the gateway to the Lakes.
Today Pooley Bridge is a very popular stop for vacationers, in fact most of the local industry depends on tourist.  There are good quality pubs, restaurants and even tearooms found all around Pooley.
As stated before you need to consider looking into holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge for your vacation.  Most will have you staying in your own cottage, and you will have the ability to cook home cooked meals.  Well in Pooley Bridge you have another choice of holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge that also has a farmhouse to rent.  It sleeps 14 all together so if extended families are with you this would be the perfect holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge to choose. 
Pooley Bridge has so much more to offer then what is stated here, other cities are close by and you can visit them and see the history there also.  Pooley is indeed the gateway to the Lakes, so if you want to walk around the lakes and enjoy the wonderful scenery holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge here would be a fantastic decision.
Holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge are nice because they let you have your privacy while on vacation, at times this is such an important thing.  To pick a good location to visit while staying at holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge is also highly important.  So if you want to rent your holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge and go to a good place check out Pooley Bridge.  You may want to go online and reserve the holiday cottages in Pooley Bridge to make sure that it’s available for the days you will require it.  Once you try a holiday cottage you may never go back to a standard hotel, it’s such a nice way to stay anyplace.