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Holiday Cottages In Lorton

Renting holiday cottages in Lorton or in any part of England is a fantastic idea, it will lead your family into one of the better vacations they have ever had.  Holiday cottages in Lorton is a house, usually not too big in size, but large enough for a family to rent.  The prices are not high for holiday cottages in Lorton when you think of everything you get.  Holiday cottages in Lorton are peaceful and allow your family to stay by themselves.  Also with holiday cottages in Lorton you have the benefit of being able to have home cooked meals.  When looking into a good location for holiday cottages in Lorton, you will find that they are beautiful and relaxing. Lorton is a civil parish located in the district of Allerdale, in the county of Cumbria, England.  Lorton itself contains two small villages known as Low Lorton and High Lorton.  They are approximately four miles to the south of Cockermouth.
Lorton isn’t a huge parish, in 2001 the census only showed a total of 250 people.  Lorton is not usually visited by tourism, thus making it a perfect place for holiday cottages in Lorton.  It is basically a pass through for tourists who are making their way to Buttermere and the Buttermere valley.  But if you are staying in holiday cottages in Lorton is rest assured you have many walks available to you.  For instance you can walk to Hopegill Head which can easily be climbed from High Lorton.  Or if you are looking for a walk from Low Lorton check out the Fellbarrow as a climb.  Also you should check out the Whinlatter Pass, which is the road that connects Lorton with Braithwaite.  Or the main road that passes through Lorton which links Cockermouth to Buttermere and Buttermere to Loweswater.
Other walks that are offered are a walk to the wonderful and beautiful waterfall at Spout Force. 
The village of Lorton offers you the architectural beauty of St. Cuthbert’s Church.  Or even Lorton Hall which consists of a living range that is attached to a Pele tower.  Although it’s not open to the public you are still able to glimpse at it by looking over the wall that surrounds it.
If you go and look behind the site of the original Jennings Brewery you will find “Wordsworth’s Yew Tree”.  This was featured in the fascinating trees program that was run on BBC.  In fact it wasn’t long after Wordsworth wrote his poem that the tree was reduced from its 27’ girth to 13 feet by a storm that passed through.  The tree is still standing and besides the storm that reduced its girth it shows little more signs of storm damage.  The tree grows on the bank of the Whit Beck, which is located behind Village Hall.  It is thought the tree is at least 1000 years old, amazing.
Lorton would be a beautiful place to rent holiday cottages in Lorton for your family vacation.  Once again holiday cottages in Lorton are wonderful because it’s basically like being in your own house but at a different location.  If you want to reserve a holiday cottage you should try and do that well in advance.  Holiday cottages in Lorton are quit popular and hard to come by at certain times of the year.


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