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Food & Drink

There are many things that draw people to the Lake District; the popular holiday destination located in North West England.  For the most part, people come on holiday to see the beautiful fells and relax near one of the sixteen area lakes.  However, through time and a lot of hard work from the locals; others come to partake in some of the best Lake District food and drink available in all of England.  There are several reasons why the Lake District food and drink have grown in popularity over the years; the number one reason is because more and more people are spreading the word of where to eat and where to have a nice cold drink on a hot summer day.  The locals take great pride in their establishments; they work hard to make sure that Lake District food and drink are as enjoyable as the rest of your holiday in the Lake District area.  If beer, ales, and rums haven’t gotten your mouth watering- there’s several local Lake District food and drink wine bars throughout the area.  You’ll find that most Lake District food and drink wine bars feature yearly specially selected wines from the area; as well as, favorites from around the world.
Lake District food and drink is basically broken down into several specialties of the area; for example- beers and ales are popular throughout the Lake District and many visitors enjoy visiting the local pubs and taverns for this very reason.  Locals tend to brew their own ales in the Lake District; making these fine beers and ales only available to those that step foot in their establishments.  Home brewing beers and ales in the Lake District has been done for hundreds of years; many families pass on their brewing techniques and recipes for generations.  Besides home brewed ales and beers; the Lake District is also known for its rum.  Home brewed rums consisting of fine sugars, dried fruits like apples grown only in the district; as well as, a lot of secret ingredients make for a delicious Lake District food and drink experience. 
Besides the Lake District’s home-grown apples; the area’s soil is rich and fertile for growing other fruits and vegetables, as well.  When visiting the area; you may find much Lake District food and drink establishments featuring home-grown veggies and recipes cooked with freshly picked fruits.  As well, there are several farmers’ markets in the area that offer freshly picked fruits and veggies for those that visit.  Be sure to stop by one of the many specialty shops that offer Lake District food and drink grown locally; load your car up with some of the finest and freshest vegetables and fruits known to England.
For many years, the Lake District has created popular pork dishes; once pigs were breed in the area- and believe it or not, some farmers still do breed pigs for slaughter.  Regardless, the recipes for pork dishes popular in the Lake District are still cooked and served daily to tourists and travelers.  For a true slice of heaven; when visiting- stop by any one of the Lake District food and drink establishments that specialize in one of the famous pork and ham dishes.
Over 2000 years ago, the Romans made popular the next great Lake District food and drink must have- that being seafood.  Not only are the lakes responsible for feeding millions of visitors every year, but it’s also the main food that most locals find themselves eating.  Lake District food and drink would basically be boring without the many great creations that start in the natural lakes of the area.  Most seafood dishes include some type of cooked salmon; a local favorite and a local catch.  As well, you’ll find fresh caught brown shrimp in many of the Lake District’s great recipes.  When ordering off any one of our Lake District food and drink menus- you may also want to insist on trying freshly caught trout- prepared in special herbs and sauces.
Most of the Lake District food and drink specialize in adding special spices and herb blends to their menus.  The distinct flavors captured by adding ginger, nutmeg, and a little pepper- have long been noted.  In fact, one of the most favorite Lake District food and drink for those that visit has to be gingerbread.  Many shops and restaurants along the Lake District take great pride in their gingerbread baking- don’t miss out!
As the years have passed, many of the Lake District’s food and drink cuisine has changed, as well.  Today the owners and locals like to combine traditional Lake District favorites with other ingredients.  You will most likely find that many of our local restaurant owner’s feature many dishes with lamb and mutton.  The combination of these meats with the spices of traditional Lake District food and drink make for a delicious meal.  As well, you can bet your taste buds that these sheep are raised by locals within the foothills of the Lake District.
Many of the area restaurants also feature specialty cuisine; for example- there’s several Spanish eateries throughout the area.  As well, there are even Lake District food and drink Pizza parlors and sandwich shops- most featuring freshly prepared breads.  There’s no shortage on local flare- many of these eateries combine old world cooking with modern day flare.
For many that visit the area; eating the Lake District food and drink available to them just isn’t enough- they want to learn to cook the great food they’re eating.  For that very reason, many of the local’s allow for tourists and visitors to take part in food preparation; there are even several local Lake District food and drink establishments that offer cooking classes.  So if you have an extra hour or two on your holiday- you may want to check out one of the many Lake District food and drink cooking classes available.
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