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If you are planning a visit to the Lake District, you should be sure to try out any of the delicious restaurants available in one of the many villages.  The Lake District food found throughout these villages and towns are many times specialties of the area- many visitors that make their way back to the Lake District year after year- have their favorites.  The Lake District is located in the northern part of the United Kingdom and has just under twenty villages that are found inside of this beautiful area.  Whether you feel like trying a traditional meal, a local favorite, or a foreign cuisine, you will be able to find anything your heart desires in any of the local villages of the Lake District
Due to the rich soils and fertile land of the area, one is able to find a plethora of fresh vegetables at most of the restaurants.  There are also farmers markets throughout the towns that have these yummy and fresh vegetables for sale for your cooking needs.  For those of you that choose to stay in one of the many self-catering accommodations throughout the area- these farmer markets offer you a great way to eat healthy and enjoy what the Lake District food suppliers have to offer.  The Lake District not only has a number of lakes that are inside of it, but also plenty of rivers flowing through the lands.  These river valleys have rich and fertile soils that make it a perfect place for vegetable farming.  If you visit the Lake District, be sure to make use of this resource and try their Lake District food and vegetables.
Thanks to the same rich soil that helps give the Lake District tons of crisp vegetables, one can also find fresh apples to curb your appetite.  Apples are grown in the area and included in many of the recipes.  These can also be bought to take home as a great souvenir for those who didn't get to come with you and enjoy Lake District food.  As most people know, apples are a healthy treat and can be very important in the diet.  Why not give yourself a treat that you know is good for you while visiting the Lake District and enjoying the Lake District food?
In the past, the Lake District was often the home to many sheep herders and pig farmers.  Thanks to their rich history of raising these animals, many of the recipes found traditionally in the area use lamb and pork.  There are still a few farming communities that still grow and breed their own sheep- most of these sheep herders do sell to local restaurants and shops for those wishing to partake in the area’s farm raised meats.  Although, the breeding industry has slowly declined since the 1950’s- due in part to the Lake District National Park inquisition- where preservation of the land and waters have slowed production; there are still a few sheep breeding farms left.   Lake District foods prepared with fresh lamb combined with the fresh vegetables grown throughout the area make for a tasty and delicious meal that many visitors enjoy time after time.
If you enjoy something a bit more sweet, then this is also a wonderful spot for you.  Gingerbread is somewhat famous in the Lake District.  Many of the villages have shops found on small, picturesque streets where one can find freshly baked gingerbread to satisfy your sweet cravings.  These small bakeries and cafes are a wonderful place to take a break after a fun-filled day of shopping.  Most cafes also offer sandwiches and light meals if you are ready to sit down and have a lovely meal to break up your day.  As well, many of the shops and small bakeries offer special teas and coffees to quench your thirst.
Windermere is one of the villages located in the Lake District.  Lake District food is plentiful in this lovely town.  They have a number of restaurants available for your dining needs.  Many of the restaurants offer European cuisine.  They also have some restaurants that offer seafood from the area.  Over five of the hotels in this village have restaurants that can be found inside of them.  This is a great and convenient way to enjoy the Lake District food of the region without ever having to step foot on the busy and crowded streets.  These restaurants vary from casual dining to formal, depending on your mood or needs.  A quick search on the internet for Windermere and Lake District foods can help you find specific details on any and all of these great dining establishments.
Ambleside is a wonderful village located in the Lake District that has a few hotels which also have restaurants in them.  This is very convenient if you plan on staying in this village.  If you are simply visiting for the day and doing some shopping, the hotel restaurants are very hospitable and would love to have you come and enjoy the Lake District food found within their walls.  This town is a great common area to stay in, due to its close proximity to many other villages and the astounding views.
Hawkshead is another wonderful little village that is a great place to visit and enjoy Lake District food.  The village of Hawkshead is located just south of Ambleside and also has lovely views.  This village is known for its small streets and quaint atmosphere.  If you are looking to step back in time to a small English village, then this may be the place for you.  Hawkshead was traditionally a village known for its sheep herding and might possibly have given us some of the dishes and recipes that are now known throughout the region.  Although sheep herding is no longer a prevalent thing in the area, you will still find lamb dishes are very popular at many of the restaurants you may visit. 
Carlisle is in the northern part of Cumbria, which is in the Lake District.  While visiting Carlisle you may notice a little taste of Scotland in some of the food.  The influence of Scotland is not uncommon, since Scotland is just a short piece away from the village of Carlisle.  As your dining in the small village of Carlisle just imagine how it might have been hundreds of years ago for those stopping here on their way to the wilds of Scotland!  As you may be able to tell, Lake District food has many influences ranging from the geography of the area and its beautiful river valleys to the many countries that surround it.
The village of Kendal is located on the River Kent.  This English village is famous for the candy that is produced there.  The village of Kendal can offer not only traditional restaurant and pub meals to those that visit, but most cannot enter the town without trying the delicious mint flavored candies the village is known for across England.  This is a wonderful stop for those that have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied.  Many folks can’t just stop with one piece- as well, so most of the candy shops in the area offer freshly prepared boxes for guests to take with them.  If you dare save any- be sure to share some with your less unfortunate friends in your hometown- they’ll surely appreciate the pleasurable little treats.  This village, like them all, is located within a close proximity to many of the other villages in the Lake District, making it a wonderful spot to find Lake District food.
Cartmel is a wonderful little village that has an amazing village market.  At this market, one can find many of the local foods that have been mentioned.  This is a great way to find Lake District foods as well as tons of other local goods.  If you are looking for hand-made items these local markets are often a great way to purchase goods made by the locals.  It is a wonderful tradition to choose goods from each of the places visited on your trip, so one can remember all of the great memories from their travels.  By choosing to take a stop in a little village like Cartmel, one can find many items hand-made by local artisans and of course, delicious Lake District foods to take home at reasonable prices.
Cockermouth may seem like an odd name for a village, but it is a common place to find Lake District food.  Cockermouth is actually known for its trout fishing.  This lovely village is an excellent spot for the avid fisherman or the novice day fisherman to try and catch a grand specimen.  Thanks to the rivers located in Cockersmouth, one can find all different types of fish and Lake District food.  Many of the local restaurants and inns specialize in preparing fish and other dishes from the sea; if you are a true coinsurer of seafood, be sure to check out Cockermouth’s Lake District food.  Not only can one find varying types of fresh catches from the rivers, but also from the sea, which is located nearby.  Many of the chefs offer specials of the day- for instance; there are many diners and restaurants in the Lake District area known as Cockermouth that offer fresh catch specials.  These delicious entrees include some of the best trout, salmon, and shrimp in all of England. If you are not a lover of all things seafood, there are plenty of other choices available for you at all of the local dining establishments. 
Coniston is a little out of the way when compared to many of the other villages of the Lake District, but can offer some great Lake District food.  Coniston has beautiful views of several of the district’s lovely lakes.  These views can be found at many of the local eateries.  If you choose to venture off the beaten path and make your way to Coniston, you are sure to have a wonderful experience and find some delicious Lake District food.
Maryport is a grand little village that is on the Northern coast and has a lovely shoreline.  Thanks to its proximity to the sea, one will once again find an abundance of seafood in addition to all of the other delicious Lake District food offerings.  This quaint seaside town offers tons of things to do for the visiting tourist.  After you enjoy your Lake District food you can make your way to the waters edge and see what you can find.  If you enjoy shopping this is a district for you, as well.  If you prefer to look at the sea and check out the grand boats of the United Kingdom, then you can visit the Harbor area and see what has docked for the day.  Maryport is a very old town that has lots of lovely views and great things to offer for those that choose to visit its lovely streets.
Pooley Bridge is another of the villages in the Lake District.  In Pooley Bridge there are plenty of great places to try the local seafood, as well.  Not only can you enjoy the local seafaring food, but they have a number of other nice places to dine at.  Whether you want surf and turf, or a lighter meal this is a grand place to dine.  The village used to be home to a number of farms and still boasts of some smaller farms that grow those crisp and healthy vegetables mentioned previously; farmer markets are located throughout Pooley Bridge, so be sure to stop in and get you some for your trip.
In essence, it is easy to see that Lake District foods are easy to find in all of the villages found in the area.  If Lake District food is something you would like to try, then you should visit the area and dine at one of the many fabulous eateries.  There is something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to Lake District food.