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For many Europeans, the town of Elterwater is a beautiful and quaint rural destination.  The town, mostly occupied by holiday goers, sits at the entrance to Great Langdale; with the Langdale Beck flowing through the village to the nearby lake which shares the town’s namesake- Elterwater Lake.  Elterwater Lake is a wonderful haven for bird life; as well as, other wildlife.  Those visiting the area often take walks along the water and bask in the true nature of the area.  Besides the nearby lakes, the area offers visitors the ability to track up to Lingmoor Fell; which gently rises above the Elterwater skyline.
Elterwater was once a booming industrial commerce town with many mining operations; as well as, farming.  Today, the town serves as mainly a relaxing tourist site for those wishing to visit rural England.  There are still a few farms throughout the village- often times, visitors will see Herdwick sheep grazing in the common. Due to the heavy rise in tourism; the area of Elterwater offers a variety of accommodations for those wishing to visit.  The town of Elterwater has many self-catering accommodations; as well as, many hostels for younger visitors.  Country homes that sit at the foothills of the nearby fells may also be rented for nightly and weekly rates, as well.  The town is home to a popular Inn, as well as, a great pub for those wishing to socialize and have a drink of ale.  The area offers shopping, performing arts, and many other activities for those that visits on holiday.