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Crag Hill

The word 'fell' comes from the Old Norse term fjall, which means mountain. Certain mountain ranges in Scandinavia, the Lake District in England and the Isle of Man are referred to as fells rather than mountains.

Now, when you visit the North West part of England, the Lake District is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Whether you are staying in a quaint English hotel, a luxury cottage or a charming bed and breakfast – your visit to the area will not be complete without two things:  First, you should explore the Lake District National Park and see nature in all its bounty.

Second, you should go walking or hiking along the woodlands, moorlands or climb through the many fells that surround the area. Some of the most popular fells include Crag Hill, Bowfell, Blencathra, Catstye Cam and the Scafell Pike.

Quick Facts about Crag Hill

Located right in the heart of the Lake District is Crag Hill.  Here are a few quick facts about Crag Hill:

  • Crag Hill was formerly known as Eel Crag.
  • If Grasmoor is the highest fell in the area, Crag Hill is the second highest.
  • Crag Hill stands 839 meters or 2,753 feet high.
  • Crag Hill is included in the range of North Western fells.
  • The highest part of Crag Hill is at the point where four ridges meet: the Sail ridge to the east, the Scott Crags ridge; the Sail Beck ridge and the Addacomb Hole.
  • At the summit of Crag Hill lies the Ordovician Kirkstile formation. 
Crag Hill and the Other Peaks at the Lake District

Aside from Crag hill, there are many high peaks in the Lake District that you can choose from. The Scafell Pike which is the highest of the lot, stands at 978 meters or 3,210 feet off the ground.

Other great climbs include Helvellyn, Skiddaw, the Great End, Bowfell, the Great Gable, Pillar, Esk Pike, Blencathra, the Crinkle Crags and Crag Hill.

Falling just under the height of Crag Hill is High Street, the 25th highest fell in the Lake District area.

What Else does Crag Hill have to Offer?

The first time that you visit the Lake District, the initial attraction would be the scenic hills, the calm lakes and the breathtaking fells.  When you climb one of the many fells in the Lake District area, it is a great way to have a panoramic view of the county.

This is especially true when you climb through Crag Hill, Helvellyn and the other peaks within the Lake District.

If you plan to explore more of Crag Hill, make sure to find suitable accommodations. Climbers who wish to hike Crag Hill and the other fells are advised to book their reservations earlier.  This is especially true if you plant to climb Crag Hill at the peak of the tourist season.

There is definitely no doubt that no matter how many times you visit the Lake District – you will always find something new to explore. The Crag Hill fell is a living proof of nature's bounty at its best – so go ahead and explore the area to your heart's delight.