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The town of Casterton is located near Cumbria England’s Lune Valley; and sits very near to the infamous devil’s bridge.  It is a town rich in farming and history; both of which have played a critical role in its development throughout the last few hundreds of years. 
For those that visit the area, you’ll find century old homes decked in gray; a signature for the area; as well as, 18th Century pubs, churches and schools.  In fact, one of the most prominent schools in all of England is located in Casterton; informally known as “the school for clergymen’s daughters”.  Today, the school is still home to one of England’s most popular girl’s dormitories- however, boys are allowed to study only during day hours.  Works of art can be viewed throughout the Casterton area simply by visiting one of the many churches or museums that are near.
The town name, Casterton, hints at the fact that the town once may have been home to an old Roman Fort, however, to this day- no remnants have been found.  Still, visitors will most likely find the old Roman road with the Casterton stone circle a point of interest; dating back thousands of years to BC 2000-600.  The stone circle of Casterton can be seen atop the ridge looking down onto the town.
Accommodations for those staying in and around Casterton include many country cottages and homes; all locally owned by residents.  As well, there are many nearby hotels, inns, and self-catering establishments.