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The heart of Cartmel has and will most likely always be centered around its town square.  The town square is home to many age old buildings, including small shops, restaurants, privately owned inns and dwellings for residents.  The town’s history is marked by the fish slabs that still sit amongst the old buildings and humpbacked bridges that make up the town’s main square.  Holiday goers find the wonderful shops located throughout the Cartmel square quiet interesting; many feature products made by local artisans.  No visit to Cartmel would ever be complete without a stop at one of the local eateries around the square, as well, many of these fine establishments boast of their wonderful and delicious sticky toffee pudding.
Travel beyond the heart of Cartmel down one of the many cobblestone streets and you’re likely to run upon one of the area’s most popular race courses, home to many exhibitions and events held throughout the year.  As well, the town of Cartmel is home to the 12th Century Cartmel Priory; a tourist favorite featuring age old stained glass windows, modern sculpture, and ancient choir stalls. 
Holiday goers always find wonderful accommodations throughout the city of Cartmel, as well.  There are several inns located right in the heart of Cartmel; as well as, many luxury hotels and country houses just a short distance away.  As well, the area has many camping spots and caravan parks for those wishing to spend their days and nights in Cartmel enjoying the natural beauty of the area.  Regardless, the town of Cartmel offers something for everyone; young and old.