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Caldbeck is a village that is located in the northern part of the Lake District. It is within the Allerdale government district and in the 2001 census had 714 residents. The nearest town is six miles away in Wigton and within the last couple of years many real estate prices have more than doubled. Caldbeck is a very popular tourist village with people from all over the world. The grave of Caldbeck’s most famous (or infamous) former resident, hunter John peel, is in the local churchyard. Prince Charles has been a frequent visitor to the village as he oversaw the launch of the Northern Fells Rural Project that later became the Northern Fells group.

The closest fell to Caldbeck is High Pike and is a very popular walk from Caldbeck. It is also popular as a starting point for many other routes for fell walkers. Caldbeck is also home to a television and radio broadcasting station that provides transmissions to most of northern Cumbria and southwest Scotland. That’s an important part of life in the village because without transmission services there are no communications between the village and other parts of England.
Caldbeck has activities that appeal to both local residents and tourists. Whether you’re looking for shopping, sports, restaurants, or other activities you will have no trouble finding it in Caldbeck. You can take the time to enjoy the scenery while walking through the village or do something to exercise both your mind and body; the choice is up to you.