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16:08 21-Jul-2019

If you are interested in traveling around Europe on a tight budget, then the Lake District hostels might be the right choice for you. The Lake District is located centrally on the west coast of the United Kingdom.  There are a number of hostels available for a lower price than most other accommodations.  While staying at one of the many hostels, you’ll be able to meet interesting travelers, many that share your same interests.  It’s a great way to meet new people from around the world.  The Lake District hostels are a great choice for those on an extended trip who need to make their money last, or for a number of other people. 

Lake District hostels offer a variety of amenities for the penny-pinching tourist.  Some of the Lake District hostels offer water sports, as well as, provide a close proximity to mountain climbing and other tourist events.  Other Lake District hostels offer close proximity to the local bus and train stations.  Staying close to public transportation can be an important perk of staying at a hostel; this allows younger people to travel the English countryside throughout the Lake District on just a few pounds.  Many of the Lake District hostels also offer meals that can be taken in a large common dining area.  These large meeting areas can help facilitate new friendships that may never form if staying in a local hotel and dining independently.

The Lake District hostels can be found throughout the area.  They range from private hostels being ran by local families who want to take in weary travelers, to larger Lake District hostels that can host a large group of travelers.  Some of the Lake District hostels have private rooms available at higher prices than the average dorm-like atmosphere of most Lake District hostels.  The dorm-type setting with one large room for a number of travelers is what you find in around 75% of the Lake District hostels.  Specifically, there are Lake District hostels found in the towns of Keswick and Hawkshead Village. 

It is important to remember to book your hostel in advance if at all possible.  Due to the small number of Lake District hostels available, this is best practice.  Although if that's not possible, there are around 10 lake district hostels in the immediate area that may be able to accommodate you.  This is a relatively small number when compared to hotels in the area, but Lake District hostels provide a different kind of atmosphere for the traveler interested in the local community.  If you have never experienced this type of accommodation; it may be an adventure in itself.  Most of the visitors are younger people looking to broaden their minds, while not broadening their debt.  So, if you’re interested in having an adventurous stay at one of the many Lake District Hostels, the area welcomes you with open arms.