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Holiday Cottages In Kirkby Stephen

00:47 19-Oct-2019

Renting Holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen or in any location would be excellent.  Your family will have the whole house to themselves.  If you want a neat location to go to check out holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen, it’s a small market town in Cumbria, which is the north-west part of England.  Originally Kirkby Stephen was in the county of Westmoreland.  Holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen is located in a sparsely populated country full of hills, and is about 30 miles from the two nearest towns.  Those towns are Kendal and Penrith.  In the town the River Eden rises and is about six miles away from the peat bogs that are below Hugh Seat, and passes by the east side of town, almost unnoticed by all.
Even though it is a small town Kirkby Stephen still has it’s own Town Council, it also helps to provide support to smaller surrounding villages and parishes, like Nateby, Ravenstonedale, and Mallerstang.  If you stay at holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen and would like to find out some more information about it and the surrounding area you can just visit the local library.  You can also visit two official town websites before visiting to set up what events you would like to plan.
There are buildings of beautiful architecture, like the parish church of St. Stephen, it was the first church built in the Saxon Times.  Shortly after in 1170 a Norman church was built.  Although that church was replaced in 1240 by what is still standing today.  Although it has been partially restored in 1847 and a bit further in the 1870s. 
There are also monuments in Kirkby Stephen to the Musgrave and Wharton families, but the most important ancient relic is that in the church which is a relief of the Norse god Loki, who is shown bound and chained.  This is a reminder to the town of their ancient settlers the Vikings. 
The market near the holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen began way back in the 1530’s when Roger de Clifford obtained a charter from King Edward III, this charter included the market and two yearly fairs that were to be held in the town.  In 1606 this charter was later reaffirmed by the Earl of Cumberland who received the charter from King James I, it stated a market on Monday, two fairs, one on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after Whitsuntide, and the other before the feast of St. Luke.
The Monday market is still held today and is a very important part of the town’s history.
If you do decide to stay in holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen rest assured that you will find several shops that have antiques, many restaurants, cafes, and pubs.  In fact there is even a yearly Music Festival.
The beautiful thing about renting Holiday cottages in Kirby Stephen is you have a cottage all to yourself.  You can have your family there with you, you can buy food and still have home cooked meals while staying in Holiday cottages in Kirkby Stephen.  Holiday cottages in Kirby Stephen are a bit more expensive than other choices to stay, but you have your privacy when renting holiday cottages in Kirby Stephen.  Check into it to rent a holiday cottage and be able to still enjoy home cooked meals with your family, to not have anyone getting in your way is so nice.  Try holiday cottages at Kirkby Stephen once, and you may never rent another way!
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