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16:16 21-Jul-2019

According to many tourists, Ullswater is the most beautiful lake in England that is usually compared to Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne. What’s interesting in Ullswater Lake is that it was formed from an ice glacier that melted and became the lake. But this nice and peaceful lake is not just what you will see once you get in Ullswater. There are still other great and interesting places and things to do in Ullswater.
The Lake of Ullswater
Perhaps, one of the most beautiful sites in the Lake District of England is the Ullswater. Its Z shape gives majesty and beauty to the already serene water. The valleys surrounding it are even adding accents and beauty to the famous lake.
Some sources say that the lake’s name came from the Norse god named Ullr, who is also known as Ull. However, some say it came from the Saxon Lord of the Greystoke known as Ulphu’s. His land is said to be that one that bordered the lake.
Most tourists coming in Ullswater Lake are usually there to see the beauty of the lake. But there are some who just enjoy walking around the lake. There are also some who love the nice view of the lake while trekking the valleys and surrounding mountains.
Other Interesting Activities around the Ullswater Lake
Aside from sight-seeing, walking, and valley climbing, there are still other activities that you and your family will enjoy in Ullswater. Try having Sockbridge Pony Trekking, Lakeland Walks with Pack Ponies, and Park Foot Trekking.
Your kids will also enjoy around the Ullswater Lake having some kid’s stuffs like equestrian activities as well as developing of mountain skills.
Aside from the lake, you can also visit other interesting places in Ullswater like the Dalemain Historic House and Gardens, Hutton in the Forest, The Alpaca Centre, Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre, Crookabeck Herdwicks, and Rheged.