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01:54 23-Oct-2019

Buttermere is located in the western part of the English Lake District within Cumbria County. It is a tranquil and serene haven for those who are looking for peace and tranquility. Those who enjoy the beauty and mountain scenery that surround Buttermere will be completely enthralled by Buttermere. The valley below the lake in Buttermere provides calm and peaceful ways to enjoy views of the fells and enjoy the peace that lies within the valley.

Buttermere was part of the Brigham parish from the 12th century until 1884 when Buttermere and the area surrounding it became part of the Diocese of Carlisle. This occurred during the 1880s though no specific year was notated. According to legend the first church was located east of Rannerdale Farm, and the rectangular footings are believe to be what is left of a chapel that was built as a victory celebration over a Norse invasion.

A more modern church was constructed in 1840 and is part of the history that one can derive from Buttermere. More than just a place of tranquility, Buttermere is rich in history of its own and carries with it a piece of ancient history that is Buttermere’s past. For those looking for a taste of history and how it created the valley that is now Buttermere, you will find that within the scope of the valley and surrounding river that holds on to that piece of the past. One can only believe in the present by knowing the past and how we arrived in what is now the present.