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Esthwaite Water

00:55 23-Oct-2019

Esthwaite Water is located in one of UK’s most popular, tourist hot spots - Lake District National Park - in northern England. Esthwaite Water is a relatively smaller lake than its larger counterparts in the Lake District, and also lesser known. Until 1974, this lake, in the Lake District, was situated in the traditional, county of Lancashire. Later, and as of today, Esthwaite Water is administered by the county of Cumbria of the Lake District in northern England.
The small, enchanting Esthwaite Water lies between two larger lakes in the Lake DistrictConiston Water and Windermere. The nearest villages from where the lake can be accessed, among other points of entry, are Grizedale to the west and Hawkshead to the north. Esthwaite Water in Lake District encompasses approximately 1.1 square kilometers or 280 acres.  This lake is also an extremely important habitat to scientists and environmentalists, owing to the diversity and abundance of its wildlife and marine life.  In view of this, Esthwaite Water has been designated as an area of special, scientific and research interest.
Esthwaite Water in Lake District also has the distinction of being mentioned in internationally-acclaimed, writer and poet, William Wordworth’s poem – “Expostulation and Reply”, as part of his lyrical Ballads. In Wordsworth’s poem, Esthwaite Water as mentioned as the site where he conversed with a friend.  Reference to the lake was made once again by Wordsworth, in a line that read – “From Esthwaite’s neighboring lake the splitting ice”. This was in line 570 that appeared in his ‘Prelude of 1805’.
As Esthwaite Water is flanked by two larger and tourist-popular, rivers of the Lake District, Coniston Water and Windermere, it is by and large not affected by too much visitor traffic. This is why Esthwaite Water has retained its scenic, rustic charm despite the fact that each year, virtually thousands of visitors throng to the Hawkshead village, arguably the most attractive village in the Lake District, and one that is situated at the northern tip of the lake.
Esthwaite Water is believed by some to have been much larger in earlier times as indicated by a ditch, ‘Priest’s Pot’, where today, a band of silt separates the lake and the said ditch. Owing to its nutrient-rich, resources (the highest among lakes of the Lake District), Esthwaite Water possesses several species of fish, prominent among them, Pike and Trout. This is what makes the lake extremely attractive to fishing enthusiasts, Marine biologists and scientists. In the summer months, the surface of Esthwaite Water of the Lake District, is covered entirely by Lilies and is truly an amazing spectacle.
Visitors looking for a quiet, peaceful hideaway can surely take a short, relaxed break and head for this, possibly smallest, lake of the Lake District. The absence of tourist-supporting, infrastructure gives Esthwaite Water its unmatched, charm. At best, a light-weight, rowing boat, fishing rod and picnic snacks or lunches would be more than enough to enjoy what Esthwaite Water has on offer.