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Braithwaite is a village that is located in the northern end of England’s Lake District. It is located west of Keswick and east of the Grisedale Pike ridge.  In fact Whinlatter Pass’ eastern end is in the village while the A66 road passes Braithwaite but does not enter into it. There are several pubs in Braithwaite some of which are directly connected to hotels—rather convenient for one who wants to drink without having to worry how to get back to the hotel without paying for a taxi.
Because of its close proximity to the A66, it is easy to reach Braithwaite. Accommodations include a campsite with a caravan park, bed and breakfasts, hotels, pubs and guesthouses. Your choice is up to you and will depend what you plan to do during the day. The bed and breakfast is good for those wanting to eat breakfast before leaving for the day, but you have to remember that if you plan to stay around for any time, you may want to consider other options—a bed and breakfast owner/operator usually wants you out right after breakfast and doesn’t expect you to return until dinner or later.
Some of the sports activities you can expect to find in Braithwaite include sailing, rock climbing, canoeing, hang-gliding, parasailing, bird watching, photography and almost anything else you can think of related to the outdoors. All activities are within four miles of Braithwaite. Your choice of an outdoor activity depends not only on your preference but on weather conditions as well.