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Bowness on Windermere

Built on a hilly terrain and located on the Lake Windermere, Bowness on Windermere is a beautiful location for a holiday or a wedding. 
Sitting on the largest lake in the Lake District Bowness on Windermere is the center of the water way.  An interesting fact about the Lake Windermere is that it has no speed restrictions on the boaters who coast through the water.  There are a lot of water sports that a person can partake in on the Windermere including sailing, boating and fishing
The architecture in Bowness on Windermere is fabulous too and you will be able to see the Edwardian and Victorian architecture all over town.  The local church has been around for over 1,000 years.
Also the town is well known by the poet, William Wordsworth who in the poem “The Prelude” mentioned the Royal Hotel which at that time was known as the White Lion.  Bowness on Windermere is situated very close to the house that Beatrix Potter stayed in also.  They have a shop that is dedicated to Beatrix that your whole family will surely want to visit!
If you’re looking to get around there is the Windermere Railway Station at which you can get a bus or even train to another location.  Or if you have rented a car you can also take the Windermere Ferry.  The steamers are also noticed on the Lake Windermere.
Also when staying in Bowness on Windermere you want to try and see the Windermere Steamboats and Museum, if it’s open, right now it’s in the middle of being remodeled.  Rydal Mounts is another location you will want to visit when staying in Bowness on Windermere.
Bowness on Windermere is a great location, and only one of many that are located in the Lake District of the United Kingdom.  But if you want a special place to visit this location is just as good as any other in Cumbria County.  If you’re water enthusiasts this would be one of the better choices for a vacation.
Or perhaps you’re planning a wedding Bowness on Windermere would be a perfect location for this also.  Or maybe try a unique way and have a wedding on one of the steamers.  It would be something your guest will talk about for years and a wonderful way to hold a memorable event.
Bowness on Windermere is rich in history, and will also allow you to have a lot of fun if you are a history buff.  Or it would also be a great location for bird watching, horseback riding, or just walking amongst the beautiful scenery that is known to be in the Lake District.
So when planning a holiday or family vacation you should seriously consider a stay in Bowness on Windermere.  You won’t be disappointed and you won’t run out of things to do while you’re on vacation.
Or perhaps your company is planning a retreat this would also be a great location for your employees to have that retreat.