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No matter which part of the world it is that you will visit, each place has a unique characteristic that a tourist never forgets. Whether it is the quaint charm of a local pub, the vastness of a great landscape or the welcome smiles of the people – memories of these are the souvenirs that you will take home with you after the trip.

Located in a rural area in the northwestern part of England is the Lake District.  Fells, mountains and lakes make up the landscape of the area, and it is a popular destination from tourists coming from other parts of the country and the globe.

Your visit to the Lake District will never be complete without a visit to the Lake District National Park.  Here, you can explore the National Park in all its glory.  You can also feel the authenticity of dining and drinking in a true blue English pub.

Blencathra, One of the Best Sights in the Lake District

If you are visiting the Lake District, one of the best ways to experience what nature has to offer in that part of the world is through its lakes and mountains or fells.

Blencathra is one of the many fells within the Lake District.  Here are a few interesting facts about Blencathra:
  • The Blencathra mountain or fell has a height of 868 metres, or 2,847 feet.
  • The name Blencathra comes from an old Cumbrian term which means "devil's peak".
  • When Blencathra is viewed from the East, it is shaped like the back of a saddle. This is the reason why Blencathra is also known as Saddlebag to the locals.
  • According to legends, Blencathra was the home of a Celtic god of the underworld whose name is Afallach.

More about Blencathra

Whether you are a mountain climber or not, you will definitely enjoy a hike along the majestic fell that is Blencathra.  The view from the summit of the fell is indescribable.

From the Blencathra summit, you will get to see an amazing view of the vast landscape in that part of North West England. When you go the North route, the view is that of moorland wilderness.

Whether you will visit the Lake District, particularly Blencathra, during winter or any other time during the year – the fell will give you a different perspective.  At the height of the summer season, you will get to see the Blencathra in all its glory.

When you visit the Lake District during winter, the peaks will look like giant snowcones. So what is the best way to explore the wonders that the Blencathra fell has to offer?  You can either go hill walking, rambling or hiking.


No matter how you choose to explore Blencathra, the important thing is that you will get to experience nature in all its bounty. Rent one of the luxury cottages or stay in a local hotel in the area.

The Blencathra fell is by no means one of the largest peaks in the world – but the sight is still breathtaking enough to visit.