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Bailey Ground Hotel

Bailey Ground Hotel
Address: Drigg Rd
Town: Seascale
County: Cumbria
Postcode: CA20 1NP
Country: UK
Telephone: 019467 29786
Email: info@baileygroundhotel.co.uk
Website: http://www.baileygroundhotel.co.uk
Type: Hotel
Welcome to Bailey Ground Hotel, Seascale, Cumbria.

Bailey Ground Hotel offers twenty eight en-suite bedrooms in a family run hotel located in the beautiful West Lake District . 

The Seascale hotel caters for visitors to the Lakes and also offers business conferencing  and meeting facilites. The Bailey Ground also welcomes staff and contractors to BNFL.

Bailey Ground has ample room for most wedding receptions and is now accepting bookings from spring 2009.

Opened in October 2008, the Mawson family have put 'heart and soul', into Bailey Ground Hotel, they have refurbished and re-invigorated it from top to bottom. Indeed the hotel has seen a great deal of upgrading to be able to offer excellent accomodation and facilites for all guests.

The Mawson family also have Bailey Ground Farm, in Seascale, which they have farmed for many years. The farm dairy produces: milk, butter, rum butter and ice-cream, all of which is offered for home delivery. ' True to their roots ', the Mawsons believe in the ethos of "local", for example their milk comes from the cows that eat the grass around Seascale, and then the milk is delivered to the doors in and around Seascale. Local means fewer food miles and " local" also means, where possible, Cumbrian contractors, builders etc.

The Mawsons also believe in tradition, in the dairy butter is made traditionally, in the hotel there will be afternoon teas in Summer or at weekends with tablecloths and cake stands.

A little bit of tradition is not a lot of trouble to this family or to the Bailey Ground Hotel.