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A town in the Lake District, Ambleside, is located in the north-west of the United Kingdom alongside Lake Windemere, which this is the largest lake in the England.  The name Ambleside came from the Norse word A-mel-saetr, which means river or sandbank. 
Ambleside is one place where you can see the steamers running.  Ambleside is also a great area for hiking, mountain biking, and just in general climbing of mountains.  In the town of Ambleside you will also find several shops, hotels, pubs, and places to eat.
If you go south of the town of Ambleside you will find the fort Galava, it’s an old Roman fort that was built back in AD79.  Also located in Ambleside is the Armitt Library and Museum, if you want to read the history of Ambleside this is the place to visit.
On Ambleside’s west you will find the Loughrigg Fell, while the north you will find the Red Screes which will lead you to the Fairfield group.  While east of Ambleside you can find Wansfell.  You can also find the University of Cumbria in the town of Ambleside.  And the famous poet William Wordsworth stayed in a house that you can find in Rydal Mount.
Ambleside is also famous for the outside shops, the first one was opened in 1959 by Frank Davies, it was named the Climbers shop, as you can tell by the name the store focused on the outdoor sports of climbing and walking and equipping the people who wanted to do these sports appropriately.  In Ambleside now you will also find Gaynor Sports, which has the distinction of being England’s largest outdoor equipment store.
When looking at the history of any UK town you can’t forget to look at the pubs, and with Ambleside you wouldn’t be disappointed.  For the size of the town there are numerous pubs and bars.  The reasoning behind this is not only the locals but with so many tourists that visit Ambleside it can support the extra amount of pubs and bars.  Plus you need to keep in mind the students from the University like to go out.
Ambleside as you can see is rich in history of all kinds, plus it’s another beautiful location in the United Kingdom’s Lake District.  When planning a getaway you should seriously consider this location as a high choice.  Create a lifetime memory of your holiday that was spent in Ambleside and the Lake District. Don’t forget to take pictures.
Or Ambleside would be a great choice to have a wedding, or perhaps you could look into having a wedding on one of the steamers.  It’s a unique idea and one that your guest will be talking about for years.  So look at Ambleside for all different kinds of ideas, even a business conference would be great if held in Ambleside.
Looking into Ambleside as a vacation place and wanting to spend time in the Lake District are great ideas that your spouse and family will appreciate.